Hey, Middle Tennessee, have you tried lamb yet?

If you enjoy cooking, flavor, and healthy living, you’ll love our pastured lamb. Perhaps you are on the Paleo diet and are looking to expand your protein sources. Perhaps you are tired of the bland beef from the supermarket and you’d like to try something new. Perhaps you have never tried lamb, or if you did, you didn’t like what you tried from the store. Our lamb is nothing like the Australian-sourced mutton at the grocery store and is superior in taste and quality. 

Our lamb is naturally raised on pasture and supplemented non-GMO grains to produce a very mild tasting, tender, and healthy cut of meat. Lamb will add more depth of flavor to your “beef” recipes, but will not overpower you. In addition to a great flavor, our pastured lamb has a few key benefits over beef.

First, you can replace the beef with lamb in any recipe, so don't be afraid to try it. The truth is, lamb is very comparable nutritionally to beef. A few reasons I choose lamb over beef is for flavor, portion sizing, ease of grazing sustainably, and ease of handling which allows the animals to have less stress inflicted on them.

Since our lambs graze untreated pastures here in Lawrenceburg, TN, they produce meat high in Omega-3 fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) - a health supportive omega-6 fatty acid, and are leaner in comparison to beef.

A huge benefit to buying a whole or half lamb is the variety of cuts, with perfect sized portions, that all fits your budget and freezer. The downside of ordering a half of beef is the big price tag and the space required to store hundreds of pounds of meat. With our lamb, you don’t need an extra freezer - in most cases a whole lamb will fit right into the one on your fridge in the kitchen. 

Ready to try some lamb chops? Make sure you buy local! According to the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center, Lamb imports account for nearly one-half of U.S. lamb consumption. About 65% of U.S. lamb imports originate in Australia and 35% in New Zealand. So where can you find locally raised lamb in Southern Tennessee?

From Nashville to Huntsville there are many sheep farms, so why choose Autumn Earth Acres?

We don’t just throw our sheep in the back yard and call it “organic” - we have a real plan. We are believe we are responsible for the future and consider ourselves stewards of the land. We use thoughtful, environmentally sustainable grazing practices with our sheep.

Many farmers have ditched the antibiotics and medications, but we’ve gone beyond that. We are breeding sheep that are resistant to disease and parasites and every year we test out flock’s health through the state lab in Nashville.

The experience you get with us is one-of-a-kind. We hand pick your lamb for the right size and age, deliver them to a small, local butcher shop where they are humanely processed into your custom order of chops, steaks, and roasts. We’ll help you pick the cuts and share recipes. We are happy to pick up your order and meet you at our farm. Enjoy a tour of the sheep in the pasture, share a cup of coffee with us, and talk about our beautiful Tennessee weather. 

We'll have lambs ready around the end of May. We are a small farm and availability is limited, so don't wait to put your deposit down to reserve yours - HERE

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Ellen Gray