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Meat, Eggs, & Dairy | American Milksheep

dairy sheep in Middle Tennessee

Pasture Raised Lamb, Pork, Beef, Eggs, & Dairy



What We Offer

Lamb, Pork, Beef, Eggs, & Dairy

Do you know where your food comes from? Does it taste real, nutritious, and tender? Have you tried meats, eggs, and dairy from a small sustainable farm? 

Now is your chance to answer YES to all of those questions! 

We raise our animals ethically and naturally on pasture to produce nutritious, flavorful, and sustainable foods for your family. 

Meat is sold by the share (whole, half, or quarter) and dairy is marketed under a pet food license.

Lamb, pork, beef, eggs, and sheep dairy products available HERE


Milk Sheep & Mini Jerseys

The milk sheep breeds have always been a rarity in the USA, and due to import restrictions over the years, there aren't any truly purebred dairy sheep in this country. 

The American Milksheep is a composite of the most common dairy breed genetics available in the country. 

The Miniature Jersey is known for its manageable size and will give approximately 2 gallons of milk per day with sustainable grassfed practices. They make excellent family milk cows.

Our herd and flock is thoroughly health and gene tested. We have ewes, rams, lambs, and calves available HERE 


Interested in an educational farm tour? 

Our small farm doesn't focus on picturesque landscaping, but we are a functional and practical working sheep farm. Educational tours to folks who want to learn about raising sheep are provided at Autumn Earth Acres. Since the farm is always in gear, we schedule these private tours on request, weather permitting.

Contact the farm today to get more details on what the tour consists of, the rate, and what you'll need to bring. Sorry, for the safety of the animals and our guests, no children under the age of 10 can be permitted. 



Autumn Earth Acres is conveniently located in Southern Middle Tennessee, in Lawrenceburg, between Nashville, TN and Huntsville, AL. 

We are Ryan and Ellen Gray, owners and shepherds of Autumn Earth Acres. We raise a variety of livestock on our small acreage but specialize in quality dairy sheep. The farm is focused on sustainable practices which means we use the animals to heal the land, select for hardy sheep that can reduce the use of medications and reduce grain inputs.

We are members of the American Milksheep Association and hope to contribute excellent genetics to the future of the breed standard. 

We also breed miniature Jersey cattle and offer a couple of calves every year, raise heritage breed feeder pigs on pasture and wooded lots, and keep a variety of  brown-egg laying chickens like Welsummers.  




Purebred dairy sheep in the USA are rare. Due to strict import laws on sheep and goats, the importation of genetics, including semen and embryos, has been nearly non-existent. Unfortunately, many farms misrepresent the dairy sheep breeds and claim to have "pure" sheep or "high percentage" dairy breeds when they have unknown history. We keep as much pedigree information as we can on new stock and carefully keep track of percentages and bloodlines as well as performance and production. Be sure to look at Our Flock page to see pictures of individual foundation ewes and rams. Genetic backgrounds include high percentage East Friesian, Lacaune, and Awassi. There are small percentages of Polypay, Gulf Coast, and Katahdin sheep for added hardiness. All Breeding stock sheep are genotyped for scrapie resistance at codon 171 and we are focused on selecting only QR or RR stock. We are serious about challenging our sheep and selecting for true parasite resistance without sacrificing growth and milk production. Udder conformation is another top priority. We do not select for wool quality at this time. 



All animals are tested for infectious disease and we strive for good biosecurity practices. Currently our herd is tested free from Brucella ovis, B. abortus, Border Disease, Blue Tongue, Chlamydia, Campylobacter, Leptospirosis, Q-fever, Toxoplasmosis, as well as Johne's Disease, CL, and OPP. We have never had an incidence of foot rot or sore mouth and all stock brought to our farm was carefully selected from other clean farms. Screening out disease allows us to be sure that our quality genetics can be productive for an extended period of time. By preventing disease we are limiting our use of excessive stressful handling, medicating, using antibiotics, and over-vaccinating. New additions are quarantined and tested for a the above mentioned diseases, and the flock is tested annually for OPP, Johne's, Q-fever, and Brucellosis. We test and vaccinate for CL. We shear our flock ourselves and sanitize the shears between each sheep.