What We Offer:


Whole Hog - $450 + Processing Fees = Roughly 150 Lbs of meat

Half Hog - $225 + Processing Fees = Roughly 75 Lbs of meat

ROUGHLY $4 per Pound for PORK


Whole Lamb - $250 + Processing Fees = Roughly 50 Lbs of meat

Half Lamb - $125 + Processing Fees = Roughly 25 Lbs of meat

ROUGHLY $7 per Pound for LAMB


We are part of the Pick Tennessee Program - Buy local & Eat local

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a meat share and how does it work?

Many laws and regulations regarding food are one-size-fits-all that cannot accommodate the small farmer. We are a small farm, producing just 40 lambs a year and a handful of pigs. It is not practical for us to acquire the needed storage and transport equipment to handle meat, travel long distances to find a USDA certified butcher, and carry a retail permit. Meat shares provide an alternative for small farmers that are exempt from USDA regulation and instead fall under the "custom exempt" category. 

  • When you participate in a meat share, you are buying either an entire animal or a portion of it. We then take the animal directly to the butcher for you and you pay for his services separately. When your order is ready, you will pick up your box of custom cut meats right at the butcher shop! 

  • We offer whole and halves of lamb
  • We offer whole, halves, or quarters of pork


Why is the milk "not for human consumption?"

Please understand that milk is one of the most regulated food items in the country. There are many dangers to eating raw and undercooked foods, and the United States Department of Ag (USDA) monitors the production and distribution of raw food from farm to table. Currently, there are only a few ways a farmer can provide milk directly from the farm to the consumer. 

  1. They can be a licensed and regulated commercial dairy. This means having expensive buildings for milking, processing, storing, and bottling the milk. Because the expenses are enormous, the operation must be big enough to support the cost. This defeats the purpose of our small farm and is not currently financially possible for us. 

  2. The second option is for a farmer to create a herd-share program. It works like a membership where the consumer buys-in on a share of the herd that allows them access to raw or unregulated processed milk. The farmer is not technically selling milk, but rather you are paying for her services to collect the milk for you.
  3. The third and final option in Tennessee is to sell milk under a Pet Food License. In the case the farm is licensed and insured to sell milk, but since it is not regulated or inspected, it is deemed "unfit for human consumption" by the USDA, regardless of the quality. There are strict regulations forbidding the farmer from promoting the milk as safe for humans, so please do not ask me if you can drink the milk. 

We go with option number three, the pet food license. This way we are licensed and insured, and selling a product that is straight forward in pricing and accessibility. There are no membership fees, contracts, or waivers to sign. We can deliver this milk, go to farmers markets, and let folks have the opportunity to try it before they commit to regular pick ups. 


How long does the milk and cheese last?

First, always use common sense! If there is a bad odor, or discoloration, if you think it's been sitting too long, or been exposed to warmth for extended periods of time, just throw it out. Don't risk it! Generally though, the milk keeps well for at least 10 days, with reports of customers using their dairy products for several weeks with great results. Always handle it with care, keeping your storage space clean and cold, and you should get the best results.


How do I order?

     When you are ready to order lamb, pork, milk, cheese, or eggs, you can Order Here. Or, if you don't see what you are looking for, email us at egray@AutumnEarthAcres.com to order. You can mail a check, pay online with a credit card, or come directly to the farm and pay cash. 

  • If you are buying a meat share, you'll pay us for your portion and an appointment will be scheduled for us to take the animal to Pete's Meats in Loretto, TN. We will tell them what sort of cuts you would like and they will get to work! When your packaged meat is ready, you'll pick it up at Pete's and pay them for their services. 

  • We also offer gift certificates and take pre-orders online
  • Eggs can be picked up at the farm, call ahead to make an appointment.
  • If you want sheep milk, get in touch with us today to discuss options!