Deposit for Half Lamb

Deposit for Half Lamb


Non-refundable deposit for a half lamb is $50 and $75 will be due the month of processing, the total price is $125. Lambs will be ready in Oct/Nov of 2018 and taken to a local processor - YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING THE PROCESSOR SEPARATELY AND PICKING UP YOUR LAMB AT THE PROCESSOR'S.

Usually, we use Pete's Country Meats in Loretto, TN for processing. Half the processing charge is $50 and is wrapped in butcher paper. The Lamb will yield roughly 50 Lb of cuts depending on how you choose to have it butchered - you will receive half (~25 Lb). Traditionally, lambs cuts are left mostly bone-in. You can request to have organs, bones, heads, and hides reserved if you want them. You can customize your cuts in the form at checkout.

Please call or email if you want a different sized lamb or want to pick the animal up live off the farm - pricing varies.

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